When you hear the term “ripple effect” what comes to mind? For some it might be the thought of casting a pebble into a calm lake to watch the rings of water that expand from the central point. Or maybe it’s a definition that explains a situation or occurrence where one action causes a series of other events to take place. Regardless, most would agree that a ripple effect triggers a reaction. Ripple effects take place every day, around the world—whether started intentionally or by chance.

The Ripple Effect series has been designed as a comprehensive exploration and study of the growing number of Christians that are being marginalized, discriminated against, isolated, abused and murdered.

In this series we will tackle very difficult and complex realities about this subject matter. Our goal is to introduce you, your church and those that might become influencers to the present reality of what our brothers and sisters in Christ face for their faith in Jesus Christ. We'll examine what God says about persecution in His Word, and simple action steps will help you to stand with your persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. 

This series is designed for everyone who is interested in taking the next step to learn more about Christian persecution. As you journey through this experience, we pray that you will create your own personal Ripple Effect.

You can make a difference.