What does the Bible say?

“I have been caught up in my own busyness, frantically running from one crisis to the next in a cycle that looks less like loving the Messiah and more like trying to become one.” –Unknown 

We are to rest from fear, worry and anxiety. Restlessness shows a lack of faith in God. Rest itself is a sign of trust. Psalm 37:7 is a direct command: 

“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him.” 

Or there's Philippians 4:6: 

“Do not be anxious about anything…” 

One of the most prevalent lies that we have bought into is that there is no payoff for resting. A field full of weeds will not earn anyone's respect. If you want to succeed in this life, you must spray, you must plow, you must fertilize, you must plant. You must never turn your back. Each year's output must be bigger than the last. That is what the earth and her people are for, right? Not according to God. 

In the eyes of God, resting is imperative—not every now and then but on a regular basis. Why is “rest” mentioned so many times in the Bible? To rest is to take God at His Word. Resting is not a suggestion but rather a command. The commands given by God all point to His interest in our well-being. He made us, He knows us and He wants time with us where there are no distractions or noise.


We don't completely get what it means to truly rest in God. It means trusting and surrendering. Not interfering. It means having so much faith in Him that we can finally hear His voice. Our Savior wants a relationship with each of us and while He and He alone built us with unique gifts to be productive - He is not impressed by our busyness and striving. He desires a relationship with each of us and nothing else will quench His thirst. So, we rest so that we can have community with Him. 

What does rest have to do with a series where each of us are being encouraged to take action? It’s simple. Without entering into the type of rest that God is offering us, our minds and energy will usually fall short of whatever we are pursuing. God calls this type of activity striving or toiling. An equivalent modern slang term is “spinning our wheels”. Another concept that God teaches us is found in the word “yield”. Resting and yielding are active choices. They are not a form of “bed rest” or laziness. To know God is to completely surrender to being still before Him. To please God is to trust Him. 

Webster’s dictionary describes yielding very succinctly: to give place or precedence and acknowledge the superiority of someone else. There is an active choice that is implied by Webster and there is also a choice that we are given with the free will that God has granted to us. Resting and yielding are not passive. They are choices to let go.

We have developed a 30-day prayer lantern as a tool to help you form a practice of yielding to God's will through prayer. 

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