A Four-Session Series on the Persecuted Church

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About the Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect is a four-week series developed to help you learn more about Christian persecution—and to connect you to persecuted believers around the world. In more than 60 countries today, Christians face discrimination, punishment and violence for their faith in Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that your faith will be changed as you see the faithfulness of persecuted believers around the world. And we hope you’ll share what you’ve learned with others, causing a Ripple Effect for generations to come.

Welcome from host J.D. Greear

Pastor J.D. Greear will be your guide through each of the four video sessions in The Ripple Effect. As a former missionary to unreached Muslim people groups and now lead pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, J.D. is passionate about examining what God says about persecution in His Word and sharing with you important stories of how Christians are standing strong for the gospel in dangerous places.

Four Interactive Sessions

The four sessions of The Ripple Effect are designed to help you pull back the curtain on what is happening in God’s worldwide Church. We hope you will see how God is working in and through His people, including you, as you respond to persecuted believers.

Session 1


Are your eyes open to worldwide persecution?

Session 2


What does God have to say about persecution?

Session 3


What does Christian persecution have to do with me?

Session 4


What is God calling you to do in response?

215 Million Christians Are Suffering for their Faith in Christ

Christians today risk isolation, ridicule, imprisonment, loss of their homes, torture, rape and even death for their faith in Jesus. Research from the 2018 World Watch List indicates that religious persecution is increasing, with Christians enduring more than any faith group. The statistics are telling:

  • Every day, one in 12 Christians experiences high, very high, or extreme persecution for following Jesus.
  • Every month, 66 churches are attacked, burned or vandalized.
  • Each day, six Christian women are raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage.
  • Every month, 2,800 Christians are forced to leave their home because they believe in Jesus.

...But in the midst of the persecution, the Church is growing and the gospel is spreading

As persecution rises, more people are turning from their family or culture’s religious beliefs to follow Jesus in the face of persecution. In many ways, trials and adversity are actually helping grow the Church and make disciples of those who otherwise wouldn’t seek Christ. In some of the most difficult regions in the world, the Church is growing exponentially as people meet Jesus and learn to stand strong for their faith. God is using what Satan meant for evil to grow, mature and advance His Kingdom.

Meet Your Persecuted Family